Send ETH to Verida Vault Ethereum Wallet via Metamask (Rinkeby Testnet)

Note: The Verida Vault is currently on testnet. Do not send any real / mainnet tokens to the Verida Vault wallet, or they will be lost.


Verida Vault currently supports tokens on Ethereum, Algorand and NEAR. This guide will step you through how to send Ether (ETH) tokens on the Rinkeby Test Network from Rinkeby Faucet → Metamask Wallet → Verida Vault Ethereum Wallet.


The Rinkeby Faucet is a free-to-use Ethereum faucet to get testnet ETH for testing purposes.


Metamask is a crypto wallet that provides support for ETH-based tokens. If you don’t have a Metamask wallet, create one


The Verida Vault is a crypto and data wallet that is in private beta and currently operating on testnet. You can get access to Verida Vault on iOS by joining the Verida Discord #dev-preview channel. If you don’t have a Verida account, you’ll be prompted to create one when you open the app.

Video guide: Coming soon


1. Send ETH from Rinkeby Faucet to Metamask

  • Login to Metamask.
  • In Metamask, switch to the Rinkeby Test Network. If Rinkeby doesn’t show up, toggle the settings under “Show/hide test networks” to show test networks.
  • Copy your Metamask wallet address
  • Head to the Rinkeby Faucet ( and send ETH to your Metamask wallet. Once the transaction has been completed, you’ll have 0.1 ETH in your Metamask wallet.

2. Send ETH from Metamask to Verida Vault

  • Login to the Verida Vault mobile app.
  • In the Verida Vault mobile app, go to the Tokens screen > Ethereum > Receive to copy your Verida Vault Ethereum address.
  • Head back to Metamask to send ETH (on Rinkeby testnet) to your Ethereum wallet in the Verida Vault.
  • In the Verida Vault mobile app, go to the Tokens screen > Ethereum and you’ll see the ETH has been received in the wallet.