How to claim a GateKeeper Adopter Credential



This guide will step you through how to claim a GateKeeper Adopter credential.


The Verida Wallet is a self-custody web3 mobile wallet that supports zero knowledge credentials and multiple blockchains. Users can manage their self-sovereign decentralized identities and encrypted personal data all secured by the Verida Network. The Verida Wallet is currently operating on the Acacia Testnet. You can download the Verida Wallet at and create your new decentralized identity.

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1. Visit Verida Missions page

Go to and connect your Verida Wallet via QR code.

Start your Mission 2 with pressing GateKeeper claim page.

2. GateKeeper claim journey

You can do both mobile and desktop, unless you are on iOS.
  • Click on Start Process → Choose Verida option → Click “Next”
  • Scan QR code via your Verida Wallet and approve login
  • You will go through the next connection flow in the Verida wallet.
  • After connection will be completed → press “Claim” button
  • Scan QR code and claim your credential via Verida Wallet

After successful claiming, your GateKeeper Adopter credential will appear in Data → Credentials

3. Sending Request

  • Go back to Verida Missions page -
  • Press “Send Request” on Activity 1 block of Mission 2
  • Check your Verida Wallet and go through following flow: Press Select existing → Select GateKeeperAdopter credential, then confirm selection → Press Share.


This guide demonstrated how to claim a GateKeeper Adopter credential.