Send MATIC to Verida Wallet via Polygon Testnet Faucet


Note: The Verida Wallet is currently on testnet. Do not send any real / mainnet tokens to the Verida Wallet, or they will be lost.


Verida Wallet currently supports tokens on Ethereum, Algorand, NEAR, and Polygon. This guide will step you through how to send MATIC tokens via Polygon Testnet Faucet to the Verida Wallet.

The Verida Wallet is a self-custody web3 mobile wallet that supports zero knowledge credentials and multiple blockchains. Users can manage their self-sovereign decentralized identities and encrypted personal data all secured by the Verida Network. The Verida Wallet is currently operating on the Acacia Testnet. You can download the Verida Wallet at verida.io and create your new decentralized identity.

The Polygon faucet is a free-to-use faucet to get testnet tokens for testing purposes.

Video guide: Coming soon


1. Send MATIC to Verida Wallet via Polygon Testnet Faucet

Video instruction

  • Login to the Verida Wallet mobile app.
  • From the Home screen, go to Tokens > MATIC > Receive > copy your Verida Wallet MATIC address.


  • In the Verida Wallet mobile app, go to Tokens > MATIC, and you’ll see 0.2 MATIC has been received in the wallet.