Verida Updates

Verida Updates

At Verida, we are committed to transparency and building in the open. Every two weeks, we'll share our achievements and what's next for the team. Join us as we shape the future of self-sovereign identity and decentralized data together.

Verida Update #12 @June 30, 2023
1. Verida Wallet 0.3.49 release. Experience a smoother experience with performance improvements. Also, get ready for Polygon ID mainnet support for verifiable credentials and zero-knowledge proofs. Upgrade now. 2. Our network explorer got an upgrade. Now featuring network stats, you can see the number of DIDs created on the Verida network. Stay informed about the growth and adoption of decentralized identities. 3. Shoutout to our incredible community for their tremendous support during the Verida Missions incentivized testnet early access phase. Your valuable feedback from dedicated testers is shaping the future of Verida Network. Thank you for being a part of this journey. 4. Exciting milestone alert. The Verida Network has reached 10K DIDs, showcasing the incredible support and growth within our community. 5. CEO Chris Were is speaking at Blockchance_ in Europe. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear about Verida’s vision for enabling an “API of me”, putting the user front and centre of their own personal data. Stay tuned for inspiring insights from tahpot 6. The Verida community is booming. In the last fortnight alone, our community has doubled in size. It's amazing to see the strong interest in self-sovereign identity and individuals taking control of their personal data. 7. Verida had a great presence at Blockchain Week Australia both online and offline. Attending events, meeting the community in Sydney, featuring on a panel in Melbourne, we're proud proud to be a part of the blockchain ecosystem. 8. Verida was featured by @0xPolygonDev, showcasing our integration with PolygonID in the Verida Wallet. Now, enjoy zero-knowledge credentials, decentralized identity, and encrypted personal data in one mobile app. 9. Verida Missions now available to all. Watch this space as we work on expanding Verida Missions, our incentivized testnet. Exciting developments are in progress, and we can't wait to share more with you soon. Stay tuned for updates.
Verida Update #11 @June 16, 2023
1. Verida has been added to Truts, a discovery platform for web3 projects! Check it out and join the Verida community on Truts: 📷 2. We welcome a new Verida Ambassador, Harry, to the team. Harry will be looking after our Indian community, adding to the global diversity of Veridians. 3. Our updated Wallet guide is now available! Get all the information you need to navigate the Verida Wallet effectively. 4. Verida COO and Co-founder, Ryan, recently guest hosted the Truts Talks Twitter Space. Catch up on the insightful conversation here. 5. We're excited about Verida Missions, our incentivized testnet! Currently in testing with Verida Ambassadors, we're gearing up for the next phase of growth. 6. Part 1 of our Verida Storage Node Tokenomics series is now live. Dive into the details of our storage node economic design, and we welcome your feedback. 7. We've opened a Request for Proposals to engage with a qualified independent vendor for detailed crypto-economic modeling for the Verida Network. Learn more here. 8. Verida was mentioned as an innovative startup building the future of the internet at Lot Fourteen. Exciting times ahead! 9. We're proud to announce that Verida has been featured in the latest edition of the Purple Press by Polygon, for our novel implementation as the first mobile wallet to integrate Polygon ID. You can read the full version here. 10. Verida continues to expand its presence in the Polygon ID ecosystem. We're now the mobile wallet of choice for projects like Proof of Humanity and Gatekeeper.
Verida Update #10 @June 2, 2023
1. Join us for the upcoming Twitter Space with Truts! Verida co-founder and COO Ryan Kris will be joining Srijith Padmesh to discuss web3, community and identity. Set your reminder for 2:30 am UTC on June 8th. 2. Learn how to create a KYC Age zero-knowledge proof with Polygon ID and the Verida Wallet. Check out the new user guide. 3. The Verida Network website has won a design award! 4. Calling all Polygon dapp builders! Verida has released a brand new page just for you. Explore the possibilities with developer tools, SDKs and more: 5. Good news for Android users! Polygon ID zero-knowledge credentials are now supported in the Verida Wallet with the latest Android release. Update your Verida Wallet app to try it out! 6. Get a sneak peek of the incentivized testnet, exciting developments ahead! 7. Verida is a featured member of Blockchain Australia. Well-deserved recognition! 8. Join Verida's very own Chris Were and Yolanda Sam at Blockchain Week Australia in Brisbane and Melbourne later this month. Don't miss their panel sessions! 9. Dive into the power of zero-knowledge proofs with this explainer thread. Discover their potential and real world use cases for enhancing individual privacy. 10. Check out the benefits of Polygon ID zero-knowledge credentials in the Verida Wallet with this latest video: 11. Verida’s COO Ryan Kris is a proud longstanding member of the Web3 CFO Club, a community of finance professionals exchanging best practices in the web3 industry. Congratulations to the community on the significant milestone of 500 members.
Verida Update #9 @May 20, 2023
1. We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Polygon ID! Verida Wallet is now the first mobile wallet supporting zero-knowledge credentials. Check out the exciting details here. 2. Our monthly community call was a success, fostering engagement and collaboration. Check out the recap. 3. We provided an update on Verida's storage node infrastructure, ensuring reliability and scalability. 4. We've refreshed our branding and logo in the app store to reflect the latest features. 5. We're thrilled to see a surge in Veridians, DIDs on the Verida Network, and adoption of the Verida Wallet. 6. We've created the first draft implementation of the storage node smart contract, a significant step toward decentralization. 7.  We're delighted to announce the activation of Asian datanodes for testnet. With nodes in Singapore, Jakarta, and Mumbai, users in the region will experience improved performance. Together with our existing testnet nodes in the US, Switzerland, and Australia, we're enhancing the Verida Network globally.
Verida Update #8 @May 8, 2023
1. We announced the Verida Incentivized Testnet is coming! Learn more and get ready to join. 2. Verida Wallet was added to the Polygon ID ecosystem! Check it out here 3. We published our final smart contract audit report from Hashlock and received the highest possible security rating. Read the report 4. Our last major Testnet infrastructure upgrade prior to mainnet launch was completed! We're one step closer to launching the future of decentralized storage. 5. Significant improvements to the Verida Wallet were released, including updated branding and bug fixes. Your feedback helps us create the best wallet for our users! 6. An updated Verida Wallet demo video was released! Watch it here: and see the new features in action! 7. Development of VIP-10 (Storage Node Registry) smart contract has commenced. Read the in progress spec
Verida Update #7 @April 24, 2023
1. We're excited to announce that our Verida Network website has been completely revamped! Learn more about how we provide the leading self-sovereign data infrastructure for Web3. 2. Verida Protocol v2.3.0 is now released. It offers built-in (region aware) storage node selection & gas efficiency improvements. 3. A new "devnet" network with the latest protocol has been deployed for testing purposes. 4. Most of our team's time is currently dedicated to ongoing partnerships and emerging opportunities.
Verida Update #6 @April 7, 2023
1. We've started integrating the Veramo library into the Verida Wallet for enhanced DID method support! This will help users take control of their digital identities like never before 2. We're thrilled to announce the first release of our Polygon ID storage library, bringing Verida self-sovereign storage to the Polygon ecosystem! Check it out here. 3. Verida co-founder and COO Ryan Kris spoke on an insightful AMA hosted by Aus DeFi Association about Privacy in Web3. Listen to his thoughts on this critical topic in our digital world. 4. We've upgraded our testnet infrastructure and expanded our tooling to support GCP. 5. We've upgraded the remaining protocol smart contracts to maximize gas efficiency, and implemented minor improvements based on audit feedback. 6. The Zealy_io / crew3 Questboard is back and better than ever! Dive in and join the adventure. 7. We've completed the first iteration of a storage node discussion paper and shared it with key community members for initial feedback. Looking forward to refining our vision and making a difference in decentralized storage!
Verida Update #5 @March 25, 2023
1. We announced a sneak preview of the Verida Usernames feature 2. We received preliminary audit findings for the remainder of the Verida protocol smart contracts and are working through some minor issues. 3. Verida Co-founder and CEO Chris Were was interviewed by James O’Donoghue on the SoulSync Community Hangout channel 4. Internal devops tasks commenced in preparation for the Verida mainnet 6. We presented to the BGIN working group on Verida and how we are utilising SBT’s for Verida One
Verida Update #4 @March 11, 2023
1. Our smart contract audit for the VDA token was completed by Hashlock 2. Verida protocol v2.2.0 was released with various bug fixes; username support and SBT minting support 3. We held our third community AMA and held a server banner competition with 22 submissions and 4 winners chosen 4. The Verida Wallet was updated to support NFT’s and advanced profile features 5. We built and deployed a Verida Data API that provides a simple wrapper around public data on the Verida network
Verida Update #3 @February 24, 2023
1. We announced the Verida DID method on Polygon. A fast, cheap DID method designed to meet the challenges of Web3 at scale. 2. Verida Wallet v0.3.34 released with performance improvements, enhanced replication, Verida One alpha support and a new user onboarding flow! 3. Release v2.1.2 of the Verida typescript SDK with various bug fixes and performance improvements across many packages in the SDK. 4. Overwhelming support from our community in our “Boost the Server” campaign. In less than 24 hours, we exceeded our participant expectations by 22x. 5. Successfully completed a large scale automated internal infrastructure upgrade in preparation for mainnet
Verida Update #2 @February 10, 2023
1. We introduced Verida One to the world. A public platform that allows users to showcase who they are across both web2 and web3. It’s decentralized, multi-chain and censorship resistant. 2. We deployed three key smart contracts to Mumbai testnet; Verida naming service, Soulbound token minting and DID linkage. 3. Released Verida protocol v2.0.5 with various bug fixes and enhancements 4. We completed a proof of concept that demonstrates issuing Verite KYCAMLAttestation credentials to a user’s Verida Wallet. 5. We hosted our second Discord AMA, first Discord Office Hours for developers and I joined the Veramo Labs Twitter space to talk about all things identity related
Verida Update #1 @January 27, 2023
1. We released v2.0 of the Verida protocol with the Acacia testnet launch 2. We collaborated with funDAOmental to integrate Verida into the exciting Hyperbox collaborative metaverse product Hyperbox collaborative metaverse product. 3. We launched the Verida Network website for developers that separates from the Verida products site for end users 4. We held our first Discord AMA of the year