Verida Community

Verida Community

(updated @April 19, 2023)

What is Verida?

Verida, Web3’s private data network, is a multi-chain protocol for interoperable database storage and messaging, built on decentralized identity. Users are incentivized to unlock their data stored on centralized platforms. #BUIDL-ers can create new exciting use cases for this data such as trusted storage, decentralized messaging and single sign on. User's private data can be used as inputs into smart contracts, enabling connectivity to multiple blockchains.

We believe it’s a fundamental human right that individuals have ownership and control over their personal data. We believe everyone has a right to control their identity through decentralization, giving netizens control and self-sovereignty over how they interact with the digital world.

This page will guide you through the Verida community, resources and how to participate.

Verida Network

Verida has built the self sovereign data network allowing developers to build feature rich Web3 applications where users own their data

The Verida Network comprises the underlying protocol, technology and documentation developed by Verida. Developers can leverage the Verida SDKs to use and contribute to the code to improve the network. Service providers can deliver infrastructure to the network by running nodes that users can select to use.

The Verida Network aims to:

  • Decentralize the sharing and discoverability of data
  • Empower end users with control of personal data
  • Deliver a more equitable distribution of value to participants on the network
  • Create and share verified data in a trusted, private, secure, and decentralized manner.

Read our Whitepaper to learn how the Verida Network reflects our mission for achieving self-sovereignty of personal data and how the infrastructure works.

Verida Wallet

The Verida Wallet is a mobile application that provides you with private key management, and a user friendly interface to manage your Verifiable Credentials and interact with the Verida Network.

The Wallet is now available in both the Apple AppStore and the Android Play Store and APIs are stable except where noted in our documentation.

Feel free to 👉 Get Started with the Verida Wallet and use these Guides:

User Guides (Testnet)
Video Guides (Testnet)

Verida One (coming soon)

Verida One is a public, decentralized platform that allows users to showcase who they are across both Web2 and Web3.

A Verida One profile you to aggregates your existing social identities from across Web2 and Web3 so you can show the many facets of yourself in one place.

This includes verified Web2 identities from platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as Web3 identities that include NFTs (avatars and others) and SBTs (Soulbound Tokens).

These verified social identities are available on chain, making the information easily accessible to on-chain dApps. Decentralized, multi-chain and censorship resistant. Join the waitlist.

The Verida Whitepaper

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Get involved

Quests on Zealy

Start earning XP by completing Verida Quests on Zealy.

Missions on Truts

Coming soon.

Incentivized Testnet

Coming soon - learn more:

User Guides

Feel free to 👉 Get Started with the Verida Wallet and use these Guides:

User Guides (Testnet)

Video Guides (Testnet)

For Developers

💡 Are you a developer that wants to start building? Let us know. 🏢 Are you a business wanting to learn about Verida solutions? Send us a Twitter DM.

📖 Want to learn more? Check out our Developer Documentation.

Marketing Resources

Early Adopters Program

This year we announced a program to support projects interested to build with us prior to our mainnet launch later this year. We provide focused help and support from the Verida Core Team for:

  • Specs and solution architecture
  • Implementation support
  • Testing and Verida integrations
  • Priority access to Verida mainnet
  • Whitelist for access to Verida tokens in first 3 months

Verida Global

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