Airdrops FAQ

What is the Early Adopters Aidrop?

This airdrop is the first stage of Verida's Community Rewards program. It is to reward early participants in Verida’s Missions program. You can read the full announcement here and check your eligibility here.

I am eligible for the Early Adopter Airdrop, what do I need to do now?

A claim window will open soon whereby eligible users can claim their VDA Airdrop allocation. Please stay tuned for more information on how the VDA claim process will work.

I have not migrated my account from testnet to mainnet, can I still be eligible for Airdrop?

All DIDs created prior to 21-03-2024 00:00 UTC will be eligible for the Airdrop if they have the minimum XP, regardless of whether the XP was earned on Verida testnet or mainnet.

The Airdrop claim process will require your account to be on mainnet.

If your account is on testnet, ensure you complete the migration to mainnet prior to the Acacia testnet shutdown. This will transfer your Verida Missions XP and activity timestamps across to your new mainnet account.

If you migrated after March 21st, the Airdrop checker tool will show your DID as being ineligible - as this tool checks your DID based on creation date. Please do not worry, you will be able to claim your VDA when the claiming process is launched. The Airdrop claim tool will assess your eligibility based on when you first earned your XP in Missions.

The Airdrop Checker says my account is not eligible, what can I do?

This means your Verida account was created after March 21st OR you have not added your Polygon wallet address in Verida Missions.

If you did maintain a Verida testnet account and earned XP, but migrated after March 21st, please do not worry, you will be able to claim your VDA when the claiming process is launched.

The upcoming Airdrop claim tool will assess your eligibility based on when you first earned your XP in Missions.

If you are new to Verida and have just created your account (after March 21), welcome! Please stay around to hear about potential future rewards.

How many DIDs are eligible for the Early Adopter Airdrop? How many tokens will each eligible Early Adopter Airdrop user get?

There were 22,500 accounts on the Verida Mainnet and 33,291 accounts on the Verida Acacia testnet as of March 20th 2024. All these accounts are eligible for the first Verida Airdrop provided they have achieved 50 XP by participating in Verida Missions.

All XP accrual and Missions data is private by default on the Verida Network. Total VDA rewards allocated per account will vary based on the number of participants during the claim period.

The Early Adopter Airdrop VDA amount will be based on eligible DIDs with the minimum 50 XP. Accounts with higher XP amounts should stay connected to learn more about Verida’s Network Growth Reward Program.

More details on the XP to VDA conversion and claim process will be announced soon

Are you only airdropping 1M VDA tokens?

As the Verida network is private, we have no insight into how many users are ultimately eligible to claim based on their XP points. 1M VDA is a starting point and we reserve the right to increase this initial allocation.

There are over 200M VDA tokens set aside for community rewards, to be distributed over time and via a variety of incentive and reward programs. This is just the initial airdrop and beginning of the launch of the Verida Network Growth program. Learn more on the growth rewards in the Verida Whitepaper.

How can I check when my Verida DID was created?

  1. Enter your Verida DID (did:vda:mainnet:0x…..) and click 'Search'

  2. Click on your DID which will show below

  3. Only the next page Click ‘Show DID Document

  4. In the expanded DID Document, look for the "created": field

What is the VDA reward distribution date for winners of Verida community campaigns?

The reward distribution date and claim process for winners of the Verida Server Boost and Banner campaigns and Verida Network AMA Series will be announced post-TGE.

Will Verida’s Galxe OAT holders and Zealy participants be included in the Early Adopter Airdrop?

The Early Adopter Airdrop is the initial element of Verida’s Community Rewards program and is focused specifically on rewarding early participants of Verida Missions which provided valuable learnings and feedback to the Verida team.

The larger Community Rewards program is expected to include other cohorts of the Verida community, including Galxe OAT holders and Zealy users in additional airdrops that are under development.

Details of future Airdrops and other rewards campaigns will be announced. Follow Verida’s Twitter / blog / mailing list for official announcements.

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